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How do you increase the effectiveness of controlling documents, from the board to the work floor?

Only display pieces of standards or procedures that are relevant to what you or your people are doing

The challenge

How do you increase the effectiveness of controlling documents, from the board to the work floor?

Especially in complex organizations, it can be a challenge to manage information in a way that everyone can find the right information that is relevant to them. How do you increase the effectiveness of controlling documents across the enterprise?

The solution

An integrated controlling documents library

Place your codes of practices, guidelines, procedures and work instructions in a bowtie structure to show the context and understand the relationship with your critical barriers and controls. The integrated document library in the bowtie diagram helps you to do your work in a contextual, visual and barrier based way and only with information that is relevant to you.

How does it work?

Put your procedures in the context of major hazards

Linking procedures to the applicable controls and barriers will help you to understand which procedures are required in a certain situation. By placing them in context, you will only see those that are relevant to you.

  • provide relevant information at the right time
  • only link important sections in a document to your barriers
  • all relevant documentation for a barrier at the click of a button

Only show the information you need

Understand what is needed to do the job right, without having to go through a 1500-page document. You will only see the section of the document that is relevant to the activity that you need to do.

Unlock the value of your controlling documents

Increase the use of valuable controlling documents, because it is positive, contextual, and relevant for the people for which the information is meant.

Save effort on finding and maintaining documents

Instead of having separate documents floating around, centralize extensive management system information in one single database, displaying only those pieces of a standard or procedure that are relevant to what you are doing.

The software features making it possible

The features used in BowTieXP and BowTieServer for this solution:

  • BowTieXP: link documents to barriers
  • BowTieServer: only select relevant information
  • BowTieServer: structure documents with wiki pages

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