How do you get an organization-wide overview of the status of your safety management system?

Risk dashboards will provide you with an enterprise-wide overview, supporting informed decision making.

The challenge

How do you get an organization-wide overview of the status of your safety management system?

When a safety management system is in place, how do you know what the current status of that system is? How are risks being managed on a day-to-day basis, and compared to other business units, how is your part of the business doing?

The solution

Risk dashboards

The bowtie platform provides an organization-wide overview of all risks and related information. The dashboard is a control panel that shows the status of your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and enables you to monitor the progress of improvement actions. Furthermore, this solution allows you to compare how risks are controlled on different sites and benchmark your business unit.

How does it work?

Customize your control panel

Customize your personal dashboard, so that it shows you exactly the information that you need. This can vary from personal and job-related barrier information to a business- or even an enterprise-wide view of the status of the safety management system.

Create overview

The information represented on your dashboard provides you with an overview of the requested barrier information. This information is presented in different formats: texts, lists, pie charts, traffic lights, etcetera.

Integrated risk management information

From there on you will be able to drill down the information, providing you with the exact level of detail that you’re aiming for. This is possible because the information is linked to all the barrier based risk management data that exists in the organization or enterprise.

Identify and correct trends

Dashboards will allow you to identify and correct negative trends. Since the measurement of barrier effectiveness is done consistently across organizational units, using the bowtie model it is easy to spot weaknesses.

Support informed decision making

By bringing relevant data together, visualizing information and enabling easy navigation between different types of information, the reports and dashboards feature supports informed decision making on your safety management system.

The software features making it possible

The features used for this solution:

  • customizable dashboards
  • real time barrier information
  • various reports

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