Is your safety management system managing risk effectively?

Easily create risk-based surveys that are linked to your risk management framework and show performance

The challenge

How do you know if your safety management system is working as intended?

In order to answer this question, first, you’ll need a clear overview of how risk is being managed in your organization. Bowtie modeling has proven to be a successful method to visualize risk or safety management systems in one easy to understand picture. Once these systems are operationalized, continuous checks are required to ensure the current availability and quality of barriers or controls.

The solution

Risk-based audits & inspections

When visualizing your safety systems in a bowtie diagram, you’re automatically setting up a framework to easily create risk-based surveys and later on import results that show how your barriers or controls are performing in practice. Displaying audit results in a bowtie risk picture helps to make specific recommendations that support safety system improvements.

How does it work?

Identify critical barriers and controls

Visual risk assessments allow you to identify which safety controls or barriers are critical for your organization, by taking the following actions:

  • verify whether your barriers are not merely defined on paper, but are actually implemented in reality
  • audit the performance of your barriers
  • pinpoint weaknesses in your barriers by using barrier specific questions
  • learn about weaknesses in your barriers before they fail during incidents

Organize audits and inspections

Organize your audits efficiently by using the critical barriers identified in your visual risk assessment. Then allocate valuable resources to those barriers that truly matter by:

  • creating your own unique questions and answer options
  • attaching evidence
  • reducing the workload by focusing audits on barriers that are classified as ‘critical’
  • auditing barriers on a specific scenario

Use the outcomes & take action

Use the audit outcomes to understand where your weak spots are and how to tailor your improvement actions, by:

  • showing all historical audit data in the barrier log
  • following up on findings through the action tracking functionality
  • comparing audit results between sites
  • comparing audit results from previous audit sessions

The software features making it possible

The features in AuditXP used for this solution:

  • create questions attached to barriers
  • create surveys and export to Excel
  • compare results from multiple surveys
  • make improvement actions

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