How do I know if a permit can be endorsed?

Electronic Permit Board will provide you with the context of other permits, ongoing and planned operations

The challenge

How do I know if a permit can be endorsed?

Most systems and procedures are aimed to assess and endorse an operation in itself, such as welding, bunkering, preventive or corrective maintenance or a management of change. It can be challenging to determine if a permit can be endorsed, because this requires an understanding of the relationship with other pending, planned or ongoing operations for which permits and isolations apply.

The solution

Electronic Permit Board will provide you with context

Only if you understand the context and relationship between planned permits and risk scenarios or mission critical processes, you can prevent process disruptions and incidents. Electronic Permit Board will provide you with the context of other permits, ongoing and planned operations.

How does it work?

Not a new system

Electronic permit boards do not require you to introduce new permit/ISSOW procedures or a new permit/ISSOW system. It brings together existing data and shows it in a barrier concept to understand the effect on your mission critical operations, in an easy to understand and visual manner.


Link existing information

Information that you can link to electronic permit boards can, for instance, come from safety cases, compartment studies, Hazard Operability (HAZOP) studies, Safety Integrity Level (SIL) studies, bridging documents, Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS), etc.

You can also use verification data on the status of your critical barriers, coming from audits, inspections, oversight, expert judgment and competencies of the people that are doing the work.


Understand the cumulative effect of permits and isolations on your regular operations

The electronic permit board shows the effect of planned and ongoing work that requires a permit, using the bowtie barrier model. It shows the effect of preventive and corrective maintenance on safety critical elements and related barriers.

The cumulative picture shows how ALARP (As Low As Practically Reasonable) your operations are, so you can decide to go on with the planned operation or to change the planning or your management system activities.


Detect potential conflicts

Having a cumulative risk picture, combined with existing barrier information on your barriers. allows you to understand allowing you to detect possible conflicts with other permitted work and with your operations.


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