How to deal with generic threats like cyber attacks?

BowTieXP allows you to understand and manage your risks through barrier based risk management.

The challenge

How to deal with generic threats like cyber attacks?

Cyber security is one of the generic risks that most organizations struggle with. If you do not understand these risks first, then you also won’t be able to manage them.

The solution

Understand your risks through barrier based risk management

The bowtie method allows you to understand risks like cyber attacks so that you know what your critical barriers & controls are. For these barriers can take the appropriate measures, monitor these critical barriers and understand what to expect and what to do in case of an event.

Understand the possible impact

The bowtie method helps you to describe, assess and understand what your risk scenarios are.


Understand how to be prepared

Preparedness is understanding how to prevent threats that disturb your business. Part of this is to understand what you can do to regain control, mitigate consequences, but also how to inform others internally and externally. The bowtie method will allow you to do this in a way that everyone understands.


Know what to do in case of an event

The risk scenarios are linked to your mission critical processes and your procedures. It allows you to understand what your critical barriers and controls are, who is responsible for these barriers and controls, how these barriers and controls can be affected, how you can measure and manage these barriers and controls, and what actions need to be initiated and managed.


The software features making it possible

The features used for this solution:

  • visual risk assessment
  • proactive and reactive barrier data
  • accountabilities per barrier

Learn how to be prepared for cyber attacks with our whitepaper

Is your security system prepared for cyber attacks?

After reading this white paper, you know all about cyber risk and its implications. You will know which risk management methods and tools  are necessary to navigate the world of cyber security.

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