How does your safety management system benefit from different types of observations?

Manage improvement actions, lessons learned, complaints, observations and findings to improve your SMS

The challenge

Turning feedback into actions that improve your safety management system

On average only 5% of the findings coming from incident analysis, audits, inspections, oversights, complaints and general observations result in actual improvements of your management system. How do you turn feedback from different types of observations into actions that improve your safety management system?

The solution

Action tracking

The bowtie platform allows you to manage feedback coming from different types of observations. It allows you to manage lessons learned, complaints and findings to improve your management system. Once follow-up actions have been determined, it allows you to track these actions, turning feedback into the reality of an improved safety management system.

How does it work?

Link findings from a variety of sources

Linking findings from incident analysis, audits, inspections, oversight, complaints and general observations, allows you to combine all of these findings and manage the lessons learned in an effective manner.

Combining findings from different sources helps you to understand what actions are required for which barriers and controls, in order to improve the management system.

Understand the context of improvement actions

Link actions directly to barriers and show what other actions were identified on a barrier. This will show you the effect of improvement initiatives, and help you understand what the effect is on your mission critical processes. It allows you to see what actions have a positive effect on the underlying root cause.

Prioritize and manage your improvement actions

What actions have the most impact and need to be given attention to first? Prioritize your actions in a barrier management context and manage them.

  • prioritize your actions based on the barrier’s criticality
  • generate actions from your incident analyses, spotted deviations, audits and much more
  • create sub-actions for larger projects
  • automatically send out email notifications

Keep oversight of the progress of actions

You can keep track of the status of the implementation of these actions, per responsible person and on every level of your organization.

The software features making it possible

The features  used for this solution:

  • prioritize and assign actions
  • send out automatic email notifications
  • keep track on the progress of actions

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