How do you know if you can you rely on your equipment to run safe and efficient operations?

Understand the impact of equipment on your safety management system, using data from SAP or Maximo

The challenge

How do you know if you can rely on your equipment to run safe and efficient operations?

What is the impact of equipment that is out of service for maintenance or has a maintenance backlog? How do you know if you can rely on your equipment to run safe and efficient operations?

The solution

Capture maintenance- and risk management in one system

Besides barrier and control performance data coming from expert judgment, audits, inspections, oversight, incidents and competencies, it is also possible to integrate management system or distributed control system (DCS) data, coming from SAP or Maximo. This will enable you to understand and visualize the impact of the status of your equipment on your safety- and mission critical elements.

How does it work?

Can your barriers be called on when needed?

Data for Safety Critical Elements (SCE) coming from maintenance (or DCS) systems, like SAP or Maximo, can be linked to a barrier model on the level of ‘tag items’. All that it requires from the maintenance system is a status field that shows whether a tag-item is available – or not.

Once this is set your bowtie becomes a dashboard, displaying which barriers are offline and helping you decide what the risk impact may be.

Tap into your maintenance system

Link your maintenance management data onto your bowties.

The logic for determining the availability of a tag-item can be derived from the maintenance system based on planned maintenance, work orders, and breakdown observations. All that is needed is a flat list that shows the status at a given moment.


Understand what can hurt your business

Besides Safety Critical Elements (SCE), it may be useful to understand what elements are ‘mission critical’ and have the potential to disturb your operations.

  • make your bowties come to life by displaying real time barrier status
  • make decisions based on real time barrier availability data


Know where the threshold is

Demonstrate how hardware components contribute to your risk management.

In the barrier model, the flat list of elements is ranked in a way that represents your barriers and your risk levels. Using a hierarchy and voting logic, you can decide what the thresholds are.


The software features making it possible

The features used for this solution:

  • link maintenance systems to barriers
  • define online/offline criteria
  • understand the critical elements

Continue reading with a case study about SAP integration

Abu Dhabi Gas Development Company Ltd. (Al Hosn Gas) has
extensively developed BowTies for its sour gas extraction and
processing facilities in the United Arab Emirates. By integrating
‘live’ maintenance data of HSE Critical Equipment & Systems
(HSECES) from SAP with these BowTies, the Company aims to
dynamically manage the overall risk in the plant at any time
during the operation of its facilities.

Read the complete case study about SAP integration at Al Hosn >

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