Upcoming release: BowTieXP v9.0 and BowTieServer v3.0

Mid 2017 we expect to launch the next release of BowTieXP (version 9.0) and BowTieServer (version 3.0). This release will have many changes relating to the following topics:

Incident Grouping (BowTieXP)

Maintaining overview when dealing with large amounts of incidents can be challenging. IncidentXP can now group your incidents by year, quarter and/or month. 

Incident grouping

Multi Edit in all versions (BowTieXP)

This feature allows you to select multiple elements in your diagrams for bulk editing. For example, if you want to set criticality, or edit the text on 15 barriers at once. This handy time-saving feature from the Advanced edition is now available for all editions.

Multi edit

Easy access to Compliance Frameworks (BowTieServer)

Since BowTieXP v8.2 and BowTieServer v2.2 you have been able to work with CGE’s compliance frameworks feature. For instance ISO27000, COSO, API or JCI standards could be installed and elements from the standards linked to specific barriers, with a view to tracking and demonstrating compliance. In the upcoming release these frameworks will be more easily accessible.


Easy registration of incidents, observations and occurrences (BowTieServer)

In this release of BowTieServer it will be possible to effectively learn from incidents and other events. The Observations and Incidents module allows users to:

  • Report incidents and analyze them on a barrier level
  • Report safety barrier failures
  • Create custom report forms
  • Integrate recommendations and action tracking
  • Get feedback to stakeholders
  • Upload attachments
  • Filter to manage large amounts of reported events
  • Classify risk on reported events


Integrated Action Tracking to manage and monitor improvement actions and recommendations (BowTieServer)

Once the observations are registered, this release of BowTieServer will also allow you to manage and monitor the actions and recommendations that are a result of the registration of incidents, audits, ad-hoc observations, etc.

Action tracking

BowTieServer Application Programming Interface (BowTieServer)

For many years BowTieXP has offered a standard way of accessing data in the .btf files by means of the API. The upcoming release of BowTieServer and BowTieXP will allow you to now also access BowTieServer data via other systems, and even change data stored in BowTieServer. This will allow you to integrate valuable functionality and data in BowTieServer with your existing systems.

Customizable Home Page Widgets (BowTieServer)

In the upcoming release you will find new functionality to personalize your landing page.


"Barrier First" Scenario Based Incident Registration (BowTieServer)

Ever since the first release of BowTieServer we have offered the possibility to capture and manage your incidents in a 'scenario-based' manner. The upcoming release will offer more flexibility in the manner in which you prefer to record incident data. You can choose to either start from a scenario, or by selecting one or multiple failed barriers.


Hosted Solutions (BowTieServer)

If your organization has a preference for a hosted service, CGE can host BowTieServer for you in a cloud infrastructure. You can choose the plan that fits your requirements.