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Investigator 3

The full incident investigation and analysis tool

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What is Investigator 3?

Investigator 3 is a powerful incident investigation and analysis software tool. It is the only tool to combine the three best practice incident investigation and analysis methods; the Kelvin TOP-SET incident investigation methodology, the Tripod Beta incident analysis methodology and the Root Cause Analysis method. Investigator 3 guides users through each stage of the investigation process, from writing the initial incident statement right through to the production of a standardized report. Investigator 3 truly is the ultimate tool for the efficient and effective investigation of high potential, complex incidents.

For more information on the Investigator 3 software, have a look at the Kelvin TOP-SET website.

Complete and intuitive

  • Designed by investigators for investigators – Drawing on more than 25 years of incident investigation knowledge and experience, Investigator 3 has been designed with the end-user in mind. User-friendly, with a logical work flow, Investigator 3 really does take some of the stress out of incident investigation.
  • Intuitive and flexible investigation workflow – Investigator 3 intuitively knows the next logical step in your investigation and analysis. It does the work so that you don’t have to.
  • Flexible investigation structure – Investigator 3 takes you through all the necessary steps of a full incident investigation, but also gives you the freedom to follow your own workflow.
  • Speedy diagram building – With just a few mouse clicks you can create sophisticated analysis diagrams which can be exported at the touch of a button. A great time saver!
  • SMART actions and recommendations – These can be easily created and linked to specific causes, helping to eliminate recurrence of incidents.
  • Standardized reporting – All users, even those with limited incident investigation experience, can now produce consistent incident reports to a professional standard with the help of Investigator 3.
  • Enhanced presentations – Present your investigation findings clearly and concisely using Investigator 3. Effortlessly, showcase your findings in a structured step-by-step manner.
  • User-friendly design – Consistent development and testing makes Investigator 3 an uncomplicated software tool to use, even for less experienced computer users.

TOP-SET® investigation: prevention by investigation

  • Investigator 3 follows the renowned TOP-SET incident investigation methodology to plan, structure and manage the entire incident investigation process. The TOP-SET method is straightforward and easy to use and produces high-quality consistent results.
  • By utilizing the TOP-SET indicators – technology, organization, people, similar events and time – Investigator 3 uses a structured process to ensure ‘nothing is missed’ and that the information gathered is relevant and of a sufficient quality to allow an effective incident analysis using either Root Cause or Tripod Beta analysis.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA): getting to the bottom

Integration of RCA will stimulate investigators to get to the bottom of the investigation:

  • Root Cause Analysis is a simple and straightforward incident analysis technique, which provides a lot of freedom in explaining the causality in the incident: what caused what?
  • The Root Cause Analysis aims to get to the bottom of your incident. When knowing and removing the actual root causes, similar and more incidents can be prevented.

Tripod analysis: solving human error

  • When improving or even removing the imperfect working environment of organizations, the number of human errors will be decreased radically. This is the basis of the Tripod method.
  • By analyzing barriers to ascertain if they were bypassed or broken the investigator can identify areas where improvements can be made to prevent recurrence of incidents.
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