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AuditXP feature overview

What is AuditXP?

AuditXP is our audit and compliance software, employing the same software framework as BowTieXP. The tool is developed to close the “Plan-Do-Check” circle (Deming circle). After defining the barriers in your safety management system (the plan stage) and implementing them (the do stage), AuditXP is used to check and monitor the quality and effectiveness of the barriers.

Questionnaires can be compiled and easy to fill-out surveys can be composed in the software to assess the actual working of barriers. By importing the filled-in surveys into the software the results can be easily visualized on the bowtie. The visualization shows which barriers score either well or poorly.

When BowTieServer is used, it is also possible to directly assign surveys to persons and have the questions answered via a user-friendly web interface with the results automatically collected.

Create questions on different bowtie levels

With AuditXP, questions can be generated that directly relate to barriers defined on the bowtie diagram on three levels.

Barrier level

On the barrier level, an audit manager might question whether the integrity of the barrier meets the predefined requirements (e.g. is the fire system working? Do the employees use the personal protective equipment?).

Management system level

On a management system level, the underlying management system elements (such as safety critical elements or tasks) can be assessed. This level covers activities such as training and maintenance, but also whether documentation is up to par (e.g. manuals, procedural documents).

General observations

The third level covers general observations. These do not directly refer to an element described on the bowtie but cover more generic remarks that apply to multiple levels. Examples of this can be topics that are out of the scope of the current audit or subjects that an auditor finds noteworthy (e.g. the way personnel communicates or the state of housekeeping).

Generating Excel fill-out surveys

After the surveys have been composed by assembling relevant questions, an Excel fill-out survey can be automatically generated. This sheet consists of all the questions, criteria and answer keys defined by the user and provides a quick drop-down menu. The auditee can simply select the applicable answer key for each question. Once the audit manager has retrieved the completed surveys, they can be imported back into AuditXP for quick analysis of the results.

Visualizing audit results

As the audits are linked to barriers on the BowTieXP diagram, the results can be visualized on the diagram. This provides the user with a quick graphic overview of the barrier status, based on the audit results. The visual representation facilitates expert judgements on overall barrier quality. It also provides up-to-date feedback on the current barrier status.

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Don’t take our word for it…

“AuditXP has allowed us to question the effectiveness of our barriers on a much more frequent basis. In the past we would have used formal audits or inspections to test systems which can be resource intensive. Now we can test much more frequently with questionnaires that take the respondents only a few minutes to complete. This has allowed us to build the evidence we need to carry out effective CBA and build business cases for improvements, because we know where the improvements are needed and we can measure the impact of these changes from day one, without carrying out additional formal audit.”


“We use AuditXP as an integral part of our control assessment activities. Combined with Bow TieXP and Bow TieServer we are able to understand the effectiveness of our controls as they are used in our organisation.

Without the capability AuditXP gives us to reach out to the people who actually operate our controls we would not be in the position we need to be that satisfy our requirements to manage our risks effectively”

Rolls Royce, UK
BMA Consultoria, Brazil
“Some people were a bit skeptical, until we started making bowties in BowTieXP. They could actually see the progression of the threat, through the top event, ultimately ending up with the undesirable consequence, and what controls are in place to prevent this. If we had to do exactly the same in a text document, it would have to be a very large document to cover the same information. The bowtie format is very effective.”
Civil Aviation Authority, UK
BMA Consultoria, Brazil

“Barrier failure or weakening is often a causal factor in accidents and incidents. State Supervision of Mines uses bowties to identify the weak barriers by analyzing different incidents. The insights from the bowties are helpful in assisting the gas network operators with their safety programs.”

State Supervision of Mines, The Netherlands

Bowtie risk assessment for inspection authorities

The Enforcement Regulatory Cycle is extensively used to assist governmental agencies to manage the enforcement process and to develop inspection strategies. Risk-based inspection has been identified as the best practice for successful enforcement. [...]

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Combine with our other software solutions

BowTieServer unites different risk disciplines in a single, central repository with bowties and related information.  It combines all the powerful tools we offer and unifies them across the organization.

IncidentXP allows an organization to maximize learning from incidents: link investigation results to the bowtie risk assessment to detect trends and improve your risk assessment and management.

BowTieXP is the most advanced software tool based on the bowtie method. The visual risk assessment the method provides improves risk understanding, communication and management.

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