Add functionality and integrate with your management system software

Using the rich functionality of the standard BowTie software as a basis

BowTie Plugins feature overview


What are BowTie plugins?

“Plugins” are considered custom pieces of software that allow flexibility, using the functionality of the standard products as a basis. Plugins are flexible solutions that have been created for a number of scenarios:

You want to use the power of the standard off-the-shelf software solutions as a basis

The development of the standard software of CGE started in 2004 and is used by more than 10.000 people. Plugins use this existing code a basis to add pieces of functionality. Plugins ‘build’ on this well tested and rich functionality, to ensure stable and reliable functionality and data handling.

This also means that the plugins will be compatible with future release of the standard software.

You want to add some specifics to the standard software, to make it work for you and your organization

Plugins can also be used to create custom functionality and custom reports to meet your specific requirements. Sometimes this specific functionality or tailored reports can really add to the acceptance and use of the software.

You want to use data that is already processed with software solutions that you have already implemented

Most of our clients already have implemented software solutions for quality management, maintenance management or incident management.

At the same time BowTieXP, AuditXP, IncidentXP and BowTieServer offer some features that are not provided by these software solutions:

  • extensive functionality
  • user-friendly software
  • unique barrier based data structure
  • visual representation
  • support of most of the popular incident management methods

Standard plugins

Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) plugin

Quantify your BowTies.

Thesis conversion plugin

File Conversion & Import.

Renumbering plugin

Easily renumber the codes on BowTie elements.

Custom plugins

Custom reports

Plug-ins can generate custom reports built to your requirements. For instance, to create a weekly Word or Excel overview report in a particular format.

Check BowTie quality

Plug-ins can also be used to validate data, and optionally prevent saving files if the information does not pass certain criteria. We can even create lists of items that do not meet certain quality checks.

Automate data input

If work in BowTieXP is repetitive, it might be a good candidate for automation. Plug-ins can be used to automate work that used to take hours. E.g. assigning each barrier a unique generated question, or automatically linking document links to activities.

3rd Party Integration

Integration can be achieved through a plug-in as well.

  • Maintenance Management (e.g. SAP, Maximo)
  • Quality Management Systems (e.g. ETQ, AQD, Vistair, Q-Pulse)
  • Enterprise Risk Management (e.g. Enablon, Cura, CMO)
  • Incident Management (e.g. Synergi, Fountain)

Integration with these solutions can require some specific data flow, which a plug-in is ideally suited to deliver. Many of our clients have implemented software solutions for:

Custom Analysis Models

Perhaps one of the most exciting possibilities is for a plug-in to implement some additional analysis tools on top of the BowTie.

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Combine with our other software solutions

BowTieXP is the most advanced software tool based on the bowtie method. The visual risk assessment the method provides improves risk understanding, communication and management.

IncidentXP allows an organization to maximize learning from incidents: link investigation results to the bowtie risk assessment to detect trends and improve your risk assessment and management.

Audit results become alive and meaningful when audits are linked to your barriers. At one glance you will know which safety barriers are performing as they should and which can be improved.

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