Train the Trainer

Each year we schedule Train the Trainer sessions for consultancy partners to increase their knowledge and skills of our software products. After attending the Train the Trainer session your organization will be equipped with more people who are capable of:

  • applying the methodology and respective software tools
  • exchanging best practices and tips & tricks
  • facilitating bowtie workshops
  • building diagrams (BowTieXP, Tripod, BFA) for incorporation into safety cases or management systems
  • linking surveys with audit questions onto barriers in the diagrams
  • analyzing results, and many more valuable features and applications
  • centralizing bowtie, incident and audit information in a single database; BowTieServer

 Please note: these sessions are only accessible for our partners, not for clients. Clients using the BowTieXP software and looking for training are invited to look at the event calendar.