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+31 70 392 23 22||www.to70.nl

To70 is one of the world’s leading aviation consultancy companies. The group of companies delivers high-quality consulting and research services to the global aviation community. With their services, they help aviation and society cope with the current and future challenges in airport and airspace operations. Since its establishment more 14 years ago, To70 has built a reputation on integrity, drive, knowledge and innovation.

To70’s experts have extensive experience in the aviation sector. Its experts are renowned for their lateral thinking resulting in innovative and cost-effective outcomes. Together with clients, To70 works to provide independent advice, helping them identify and analyze problems, recommending solutions and assisting with their subsequent implementation.

Their wide range of customers includes airports, airlines, government bodies, research institutions and air navigation service providers. These organizations all face the challenges associated with accommodating the growing demands of air traffic and integrating their operations with the environment. To70’s dedicated team of professionals display an unremitting drive to create practical solutions.

To70 specializes in the following areas:

  • Strategic planning;
  • Air traffic management;
  • Aviation and the environment;
  • Aviation policy;
  • Consultation and communication;
  • Aviation safety; and
  • Route development.

As a partner of CGE, they use the BowTie risk methodology in the application of their services. In-house training on the use of BowTie can be provided.

With offices in The Hague (The Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium), Frankfurt (Germany), Geneva (Switzerland), Bangkok (Thailand), Mumbai (India), Shanghai (China), Changi (Singapore), Brisbane & Melbourne (Australia), Montreal (Canada), São Paulo (Brazil) and Medellín (Colombia) To70 is  able to offer services to clients worldwide.


T: +31 70 392 23 22
E: info@to70.nl 
W: www.to70.nl

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