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+34 933 667 530||www.tema.es

GRUPO TEMA is a group of companies with over 30 years of experience in the field of safety and environmental consultancy, particularly in chemical, petrochemical and petroleum industry.

GRUPO TEMA is composed by the following companies:

  • TEMA, S.A.: The headquarters of the group are located in Barcelona and Madrid (Spain) since 1985.
  • TEMA, S.A. de C.V is located in México D.F. and Ciudad del Carmen (México) and operates since 1992.
  • LITOCLEAN, S.L.: This company, specialized on contaminated soil and water investigation and remediation operates from Barcelona and Madrid (Spain) since 1999.
  • TEMA 2000, S.A., located in Buenos Aires, Neuquén and Mendoza (Argentina) since 2001.
  • TEMA, SAC., which inherited the projects TEMA group was developing in Perú until 2009 to start its activities with a local office.
  • TEMA LITOCLEAN TEMALISA, since 2013, in Quito (Ecuador), joining all experiences above.

Along 30 years of history GRUPO TEMA has developed hundreds of studies and activities to obtain and fulfill many types of regulatory requirements in response to local regulations of different countries.

GRUPO TEMA employs more than 180 people on its different offices, a team having expertise in a wide range of disciplines such as chemistry, geology, physics, biology and industrial, environmental, petroleum engineering… that has an extensive experience in the industrial world. TEMA supports this experience with more than 3,000,000 man-hours of engineering and consulting to develop hundreds of projects related to their specialties in 29 different countries.


GRUPO TEMA ensures an international standard service combined with the agility that provides the local support. GRUPO TEMA provides a wide range of services, as follows:

  • Safety:
    Risk identification (HAZOP, HAZID, FMEA, WHAT IF), BOW TIE Analysis, Accident consequences modelling (fire, explosion, toxic release, bleve), EFFECTS, PHAST, ALOHA, etc., Preliminary risk analysis, Quantitative risk analysis (qra), Audit (facilities, management), Emergency plans (industrial plants, industrial complexes, ports, cities, tunnels), Marine contingency plan, Emergency management software (SIGEM), Safety system, facilities and management audits, Dangerous goods transportation (road, railway, pipeline), Reliability (human, components, systems), Safety integrity level (SIL), EXILENTIA, Explosive atmospheres (atex), ALARP Demonstrations, Safety Cases.
  • Environment:
    Permitting, Audits, Assesment, Effects modelling and evaluation, Activity license application and evaluation (ippc), Pollutant dispersion modelling in air, water & soil, Atmospheric quality studies, Acoustic studies, Waste management (urban & industrial), Reach.
  • Characterisation and Remediation of Polluted Soil:
    Soil preliminary report, Toxicological risk analysis (astm_rbca, risk, …), Soil gas analysis (pid, mip/sc), Borehole drilling & well monitoring, Soil & groundwater sampling analysis, Hydrogeological characterization, Vulnerability, Local regulation compliance, Specific soil & groundwater remediation projects (design and operation), Land farming / bio remediation, Bio Venting, Double Phase Extraction, Excavation, ex-situ treatment and reposition, etc.
  • Training:
    Environmental audits, Environmental impact studies, Investigation and remediation of polluted soil, Accident investigation, Risk analysis.

Partner certification

Our long-term partner has committed to participate in the CGE partner certification process (launched 2020) and has already been successfully awarded the first badge in the series.



T: +34 933 667 530
E: atomas@tema.es
W: www.tema.es

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