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Systemic Risk Management Inc


Reactive Business Disruption Investigation & Tripod Beta Analysis

  • Full incident investigation and analysis consulting services including training and mentoring
  • Human behaviour and performance analysis using state-of-the-art Tripod Beta concepts
  • Applied to any business disruption including Health, Safety & Environmental incidents
  • Applied to major operating, project and IT application failure analysis
  • Level of rigor based on an organization’s need for information and learning
  • Analysis of human performance factor integration with systemic business processes
  • Also trained in Advanced TapRoot root cause analyses
  • Full incident management process development, training, and application

Proactive (Risk) Management System Development & Evaluation

  • Typically based on ISO 31 000 structures
  • Development of BowTie risk assessment including critical barrier functions and activities, and performance specifications
  • Fit-for-purpose scaling for small to large organizations
  • Identification of key performance indicators to facilitate continuous improvement
  • Strong focus on loss control for maximum bottom-line benefits

Organizational Culture Assessment and Development

  • Audit, review, and inspection business process consulting and training
  • Health, safety, and environmental organizational system state evaluations
  • Facilitation of step-change improvement in business performance
  • Facilitation, training, and application of the Hearts & Minds culture development tools

Principal’s Profile: John Sherban, P.Eng., FS Eng (TÜV Rheinland)

Professional Experience Summary:

  • Over 35 years’ experience (>25 international) within the Hydrocarbon, Electrical Utility and Mining industries
  • Experienced in technical concept design, operations, maintenance, and risk management
  • Strong in risk management system, control framework, and business process development, analysis and implementation
  • Experienced Hearts and Minds organizational culture tools facilitator and coach
  • Leader in incident investigation and latent cause analysis application and training


  • B. Sc. (Electrical) Engineering
  • Registered Professional Engineer (APEGA)
  • Registered Functional (Process) Safety Engineer with (TÜV Rheinland)
  • Internationally accredited Tripod Beta Practitioner, Trainer and Assessor by the Stichting Tripod Foundation and the Energy Institute (UK)
  • Scores of technical and managerial courses completed, developed or delivered


  • Fluent in English and with a strong command of Spanish

Partner certification

Our long-term partner has committed to participate in the CGE partner certification process (launched 2020) and has already been successfully awarded the first badge in the series.



25041 Township Road 254
Calgary, Alberta T3R 1A2
Phone: 1-403-239-4650
E-mail: john.sherban@usask.ca
Website: www.tripodfoundation.com

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