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Silver Moor Business Consulting LLP

+44 (0)1934 843750||https://www.silvermoorconsulting.co.uk

Silver Moor is a consulting practice that develops and implements effective solutions to risk-related business problems where human performance is a significant factor. These can be business efficiency risks, safety risks or risks affecting how effective the organization is (or is perceived to be by its customers).

The focus of their work is managing the ‘human factor’. This involves investigating business processes, features of the workplace and the organizational culture to understand why people are behaving the way they do. With this understanding, they can develop and implement changes to create lasting benefits.

Partner certification

Our long-term partner has committed to participate in the CGE partner certification process (launched 2020) and has already been successfully awarded the second badge in the series.



Silver Moor Business Consulting LLP
Coombe Wood House
Winscombe Hill
BS25 1DH
United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)1934 843750
E: info@silvermoorconsulting.co.uk
W: www.silvermoorconsulting.co.uk

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