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PlusAlpha Risk Management Solutions


“Oil and Gas Industry Catastrophic Risk-Prevention and Mitigation”

Bow-Tie Barrier Analysis

Creating bow-tie diagrams is a graphical approach for understanding the barriers that prevent and mitigate Catastrophic Events. Bow-tie diagrams are developed through facilitated workshops with your team of discipline experts. A specific, pre-identified “event” is the focus of the workshop, with discussions leading to how the event could occur (threats), how to keep the event from occurring (barriers), the possible effect of the event if it does occur (consequences) and the way to keep those consequences from becoming catastrophic(controls). The result is an “all-in-one” graphical display of the risk of a specific Catastrophic event such as a blowout, fire, explosion, ship collision, helicopter crash, delay of critical equipment, and hurricanes or other natural events. A different bow-tie is normally developed for each Catastrophic event.

SEMS-Plus Audit

SEMS-Plus is a detailed assessment of your Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS), with something extra: an analysis showing the link between the elements of the management system and the barriers that prevent Catastrophic risk. The SEMS-Plus Audit is based on the leading industry standard for safety and environmental management systems: API Recommended Practice 75. In addition to providing offshore regulatory compliance with the Workplace Safety Rule, it also offers the “why” behind the maintenance of a robust management system using a barrier analysis resulting in bow-tie diagrams.

Risk Workshops and Seminars

PlusAlpha Risk provides training classes and seminars on how to identify and assess the risk of Catastrophic Events. Participants learn the bow-tie method and how to use risk registers for identifying and assessing oil and gas major accidents and events. More detailed workshops include an introduction to energy risk management tools and techniques. A customized series of modular seminars are available, teaching leading edge techniques for every step in the energy operations risk management process. Finally, we have developed and delivered an advanced training program for Enterprise Risk Management for the Oil and Gas industry.

The World’s first and only accredited oil and gas industry barrier assessment course (accredited by the IADC) is now also available. For a detailed program read more.


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