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Kelvin TOP-SET


Kelvin TOP-SET teaches individuals how to investigate incidents, to identify the causes, to make recommendations, and so prevent recurrence. They have been assisting global companies, organizations, and industries with their incident investigation and TOP-SET Root Cause Analysis since 1986. Their system helps to standardize and to simplify incident investigation procedures for any sector.

By following this clear step-by-step process, organizations can consistently find all the causes of incidents every time. This can result in efficiency savings of time and money, improved productivity, and protection of reputation and environment. Most importantly, it can save lives.


Head Office
Kelvin TOP-SET Ltd
Annickbank Innovation Campus
KA11 4LF
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1475 560 007

USA Office
Kelvin TOP-SET Inc
12 Greenway Plaza
Suite 1100
TX 77046
+1 713 940 0646


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