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Innovace Designs Ltd.


Innovace Designs specialize in what’s known as “Human Factors” and “Ergonomics” – which all sounds academic and limited in scope to a few industries – but that’s not the case! They are all about designing systems, products, equipment and organizations for people (not the other way around). It’s that simple – put the PERSON at the heart of what you’re designing or doing.

The improvements through using Human Factors and Ergonomics means you’ll get better results:

  • Better productivity
  • Better safety records
  • Better chance of identifying a problem before it occurs
  • Better staff engagement
  • Better health and safety statistics!
  • Better customer feedback
  • Better results from your training investments
  • Better working environments
  • Better “goodwill” from everyone that interacts with the improvement.


Their products and services include:

  • Project-based HF consultancy for the transportation sector
  • Human Factors and safety integration methods and practical implementation
  • Ergonomic assessments, analysis and interventions
  • HF training

Innovace Designs has a history of excellent designs and projects; including being a key part of an award from the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors.


Their clients include:

  • Banedanmark (Denmark)
  • Ricardo Rail (Hong Kong)
  • Thales-Strukton (Denmark)
  • London Underground (UK)
  • Bombardier (UK)
  • Taudevin Engineering (UK)
  • Quintec (UK)
  • Thales (UK)
  • Cranfield University (UK)


W: http://www.innovace.co.uk/

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