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Energywell Technology. Co., Ltd.


Energywell Technology Co., Ltd. (Energywell) is a wholly owned independent Taiwan (Republic of China, ROC) limited company and has been successfully expanding since its formation in March 2008. It was conducted by professionals who have more than twenty years experiences in the fields of Instrument and Controls (I&C) along with specialties in Safety, System Engineering, Abnormal Situation Management (ASM), Process Optimization and Risk Management.


  • Loss Prevention, Risk Control, and Risk Management Solutions for process industries
  • Functional Safety Engineering (FSE) and Functional Safety Management (FSM), including Layer Of Protection Analysis & SIL Verification
  • Risk control & risk management for railway industrial
  • Hazard Analysis (HA) and Risk Analysis (RA) Services
    • Major Accident Hazard Identification, Hazardous Events / Impact Events Identification
    • Major Accident Event & Barriers Management
    • Deterministic Safety Assessment (DSA)
    • System / Sub-System Hazard Analysis (SHA / SSHA)
    • Interface Hazard Analysis (IHA)
    • Operating and Support Hazard Analysis (OSHA)
    • Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) by using BowTieXP with LOPA-plug-in
    • Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) Study
    • Task Risk Analysis / Assessment, Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
    • Escape, Evacuation and Rescue Analysis
    • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
    • Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
    • Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP)

BowTieXP Software & Training

  • Energywell sells the BowTieXP software and supports Taiwan & China clients with training and advice
  • BowTie methodology & BowTieXP basic training BowTieXP/AuditXP/IncidentXP advanced training in LNG RTCS refinery; petrochemical; chemical industries
  • BowTieXP/AuditXP/IncidentXP advanced training in railway industries

Partner certification

Our long-term partner has committed to participate in the CGE Risk partner certification process (launched 2020) and has already been successfully awarded the second badge in the series.



Energywell Technology Co., Ltd.
Head Office: Fl. 6, No. 346, Sec. 1, Jhuangjing Rd., Tao-Yuan, Taiwan 330, R.O.C.

T: +886+3+3565317
E: george.hsu@energywell.com.tw
W: http://www.energywell.com.tw

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