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DAS Damage Analysis Systems International Ltd.


Das International provides high-quality Health and Safety Management services and research to various economic sectors since 1984. The company is active both in the national level (legislation, standards, guidelines etc.) and on-site services to local and international organizations. DAS maintains excellent and long-standing relationships with OSH key stakeholders and decision makers throughout the country. The main services provided by the company include developing EHS standards and guidelines, implementing EHS Management Systems, risk analysis and Bow Tie Analyses, auditing EHS systems and accident investigation services.


DAS organizes Bow Tie seminars and has employed Bow Tie techniques to assist Safety and Health Management in various sectors including aviation, chemical process, and construction.


Noble Energy Mediterranean, TARO (pharmaceuticals), TEVA (pharmaceuticals), EL AL (aviation), I.D.F Israeli Defense Forces, Kennametal (metallic tools), Lloyd’s Registered Quality analysis (LRQA), Tel-Aviv municipality, The Ministry of Defense, TAAS – Israeli Military Industries, Ashkelon Port, KAZA – Eilat Ashkelon oil pipe, Tambour (paints and resins), Israel Shipyards, TASHAN (Energy and Oil Infrastructures) and others.


Dr. Avi Griffel, CEO
18 Heinrich Heine sq.
POB 5391
Haifa 31053

T: +972(0)4-8376075 / +972(0)52-2479712
E: avi_gr@012.net.il
W: www.das-osh.com

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