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Coherent Advice


Coherent Advice is an established, independent, Canadian company committed to helping clients to achieve their goals through effective risk management. Their staff has over 30 years of experience in all parts of Canada and utilizes proven approaches and ISO standards to help you and your company to get better results by understanding and managing business critical uncertainties.

Coherent Advice Inc. is well positioned to offer tailored solutions using BowtieXP. President John Lark has worked with CGE staff and accomplished scientists and professionals to expand the utility of BowtieXP into areas of environmental risk management and marine spatial planning. In addition, he has worked with global experts to develop tools and new approaches that allow adjacent and overlapping jurisdictions to coordinate and integrate their regulatory frameworks to reduce overlap and duplication while at the same time eliminating serious harm to aquatic ecosystems.

Coherent Advice is a creative, nimble and responsive firm that can quickly and easily assist you in refining, targeting and streamlining your risk management activities. They can provide a rapid assessment to help you simplify and target your risk management activities to increase benefits and reduce costs.


1462 Cavendish Road
Ottawa, ON K1H 8J1

T: 613.769.0240
E: John.lark@coherentadvice.com
W: www.coherentadvice.com

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