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Boult Consulting Limited

0777 165 2882||www.boultco.com

We are independent risk management and assurance experts, and valued advisors to our customers in a broad range of industries. We are driven by our desire to ensure organisations, operations, projects and activities go right, to deliver our purpose; “to protect what is valued and enable sustainable success”.

We support you to make decisions, develop strategies and plans, and implement what is needed to successfully deliver your objectives while meeting the expectation of your stakeholders. We look to work with you to understand your business and operations, the environment you operate in, your risks and opportunities and the challenges you face, to provide you with understanding and assurance in where you are today and to give you confidence in your future direction and plans.


Boult Consulting is part of the Risk Consulting Network which is made up of experts with a broad range of complimentary skills that adds to the capabilities we offer. Our people have decades of experience working around the world from the Europe to Australia and South East Asia to the Americas for organisations in a range of industries including:

  • Process industries; oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemical.
  • Healthcare; primary and secondary care, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.
  • Transport; rail, maritime and aviation.
  • Utilities; power generation (traditional and renewables) and water.
  • Government departments and regulatory agencies, including emergency services.
  • Plus other, including amusement parks and software organisations.

We provide a range of risk management & assurance consulting and training services. This includes supporting organisations with barrier (controls) management. Bow ties play an important part in in any barrier management system and its activities as they help you to:

  • Understand the risks you and your people are exposed to and how you manage them.
  • Make decision on how to improve the management of your risks.
  • Communicate how the risks you are responsible including who is responsible for individual barriers / controls, what could cause an event, what are the potential consequences, and more.
  • Identify the critical barriers / controls.

Thereby helping you make informed decisions, whether in design or operations.

Additionally, as thought leaders, we work closely with CGE Risk and you, our customers, to develop and evolve barrier management to be more efficient and effective in the management of risk, and we share our knowledge through papers, presentations and seminars.

Partner certification

Our long-term partner has committed to participate in the CGE partner certification process (launched 2020) and has already been successfully awarded the third badge in the series.


Boult Consulting Limited
Hazel House
5 High Street
Surrey RH7 6PU
United Kingdom.

T: 0777 165 2882
E: mark@boultco.com
W: www.boultco.com

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