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Autonomous Risk Management Solutions


Autonomous Risk Management Solutions provide innovative risk management products to companies that truly wish to have as much control over the risk their workers and facilities are exposed to. They are professional and experts at building systems to manage risk. Their systems are dynamic and will adjust to the needs of their clients and also evolve over time with the upgrading technology and improving international standards. Autonomous Risk Management Solutions focus on 5 core areas:

Operational Risk Management Systems

Risk management is so much more than personal safety. While human life is invaluable and irreplaceable, Operations tend to forget that a vital part of managing safety is protecting the asset and protecting the environment. Building an Operations Management System allows the Operations to drive the safety process thus having safety deeply embedded into the line and culture over time.  They integrate good governance, processes, technology, mindsets and behaviors, culture and capabilities to mitigate risk and increase operational efficiency and performance.

Barrier Based Risk Reduction

Effectively leverage the power of risk assessments by utilizing the Bowtie methodology. We can assist with basic implementation of the method and demonstrate why it is powerful as a way to assess risk. The methodology can be applied to almost any sector and any scenario and provide a clear and logical flow of information that eventually paints a picture of your risk. Done properly it can be a very powerful tool but it must be done properly. Allow them to come in and demonstrate how it can be applied to your organization and how it can help visualize your risk.


While they attempt to make your risk management systems as autonomous as possible, human interaction and maintenance are still very critical to the sustainability of these systems. Autonomous Risk Management Solutions provide a wide range of training that will ensure that your employees are ready to manage the systems or better prepared to function in existing systems.

Incident Investigation

While the aim is to prevent incidents, there is enough evidence to show, as postulated in the Swiss Cheese Model, that barriers are live and some times go inactive for sometimes planned or unplanned reasons. Coupling this with the fact that the risk of dealing with a certain hazard cant be eliminated but reduced to an acceptable level, would suggest that there is always a small chance (if manged correctly) that an incident will occur. Therefore learning from incidents is a vital part of managing future risk. They offer comprehensive incident investigation formats and training. Autonomous Risk Management Solutions will structure the investigation based on international best practice and the standard methods that have been tried and tested over time.

Barrier Based Audits

Once your systems are build, it is critical to constantly get feedback to know how well the systems are performing. Knowing the right questions to ask about the performance of your barriers can truly enhance the quality of your audits. In contrast, not asking the right questions can give you truly misleading information about the health of your barriers. This can then lead to poor decision making and thus poor performance. They can come in and provide a rigorous audit of all your systems and paint the right picture to assist with decision making.


Autonomous Risk Management Solutions

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E: info@armstt.com
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