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Systemic Risk Management Inc


Reactive Business Disruption Investigation & Tripod Beta Analysis

  • Full incident investigation and analysis consulting services including training and mentoring
  • Applied to any business disruption including Health, Safety & Environmental incidents
  • Applied to major operating, project and IT application failure analysis
  • Level of rigor based on an organization’s need for information and learning
  • Human behaviour and performance analysis using state-of-the-art Tripod Beta method
  • Tripod Beta and TapRoot root cause analyses
  • Analysis of Human Factors Integration with business processes
  • Full incident management process development, training and application

Proactive (Risk) Management System Development & Evaluation

  • Typically based on ISO 31 000 structures
  • Development of BowTie risk assessment including critical barrier functions and activities
  • Fit-for-purpose scaling for small to large organizations
  • Identification of key performance indicators to facilitate continuous improvement
  • Strong focus on loss control for maximum bottom-line benefits

Organizational Culture Assessment and Development

  • Audit and inspection business process consulting and training
  • Health, safety and environmental organizational system state evaluations
  • Facilitation of step-change improvement in business performance
  • Facilitation, training and application of the Hearts & Minds culture development tools

Principal’s Profile: John Sherban, P.Eng.

Professional Experience Summary:

  • Over 35 years experience (>25 international) within the Hydrocarbon, Utility and Mining industries
  • Experienced in concept design, operations, maintenance and asset & risk management
  • Strong in risk management system and business process development, analysis and implementation
  • Experienced Hearts and Minds organizational culture tools facilitator and coach
  • Leader in incident investigation and latent cause analysis application and training


  • B. Sc. (Electrical) Engineering
  • Registered Professional Engineer (APEGA)
  • Internationally accredited Practitioner, Trainer and Assessor by the Stichting Tripod Foundation.
  • Scores of technical and managerial courses completed, developed or delivered


  • Fluent in English and with a strong command of Spanish


25041 Twp. Rd. 254
Calgary, Alberta T3R 1A2
Phone: 1-403-239-4650
E-mail: john.sherban@usask.ca
Website: www.tripodfoundation.com

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