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Organisational Diagnosis Ltf

+30 694 7006664||www.o-diagnosis.com

Organisational Diagnosis Ltd is its people, an amalgam of young enthusiasts with Academic credentials in Safety aspects along with their fresh ideas and dynamism in dealing with challenges brought in by accidents and all kind of business upsets, under the incessant balanced control kept in place by their senior leading team mate. All of them created a Bulgarian based scheme which believes that small groups of people who share common beliefs, work together in a never ceasing effort, using open communication channels and always cast an eye on novelties in the safety domain are capable in offering proactively management solutions, in a wide spectrum of “High Risk Entities Business Segment” before catastrophic events occur.

Organisational Diagnosis’s team aim is to provide to its client’s lively, timely and interactive customized training and consultancy or facilitation, by strengthening the good values and augmenting the growth of the core of their help seekers organisational culture, with implants mostly stemming from Tripod aftermaths and Bow Tie Risk Assessments.

News and updates

Geopolitics online magazine – contribution

2014 – Organisational Diagnosis contributed to the 4th edition of the Greek Geopolitics Online Magazine (page 41-50)  by handing in a paper discussing ‘A Tripod View of Helios Accident’. In the paper, the consultants of O.Diagnosis review the aviation accident and apply the Tripod Beta methodology to schematically visualize what happened.

Tripod Accident Investigation Course – San José University 2016

2016 – For the 2nd year in a row, Organisational Diagnosis completed a successful Tripod Accident Investigation course at San José University in the USA. The class consisted of 32 students, of which 17 students were in their Masters already and some of them working at NASA. The course was very well received, so onto a next course in the coming year!

Hellenic Aviation Society chooses new board of directors

The Hellenic Aviation Society recently announced its new Board of Directors for a 2-year mandate following elections that took place on February 18, 2016. The new president of the Hellenic Aviation Society is Dimitris Soukeras, a helicopter pilot employed as a business consultant. Mr. Soukeras specializes in accident prevention and flight safety. He is a visiting professor at the University of San Jose of the United States and teaches Aeronautics to graduate students.


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