Joint Industries Project 2017: Stairway to heaven

For 2017 we have initiated a Joint Industries Project (JIP) that focuses on the link between Culture & Leadership and Risk Management.

CGE has taken the initiative to see how organizations can benefit from the insights that recognized tools like Hearts & Minds and the Safety Ladder give to organizations.

Stairway to heaven

For the JIP 2017 we take the Safety Ladder as a starting point. Many organizations use this tool to demonstrate (via certification or via a self-assessment) on what 'level' they are. The outcome is important in tenders, either to get discount or to be allowed to participate in a tender.

With the JIP we focus on organizations that are on level 2, 3 or 4. These organization will be able to gain benefit by combining their Safety Ladder data with their risk management system.

Why participate?

The JIP 2017 will give participating organizations valuable insights, practical tools and useful templates for risk assessments, incident senarios and audits.

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