CGE Network Event 2018

“Making risk understandable”

Social activity

During the last edition of the Network Event we arranged a visit to the Rijksmuseum where the attendees got to view the famous painting ‘The Night Watch’ from Rembrandt. This part of the program was highly appreciated and contributed a lot to the main objective of the event: bringing people together and network.

For this reason, we took the initiative to organize something similar for the Network Event of 2018. You will have the opportunity to visit the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam. At the multiple exhibitions this museum offers, you will learn all about how the sea has shaped our Dutch culture.

Explore the ship moored alongside the museum, one of the most stunning pieces in the museum’s collection. An exact copy of the famous East Indiaman lost on her maiden voyage in 1749. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the Dutch set sail in ships like these to the Far East (what we now call Asia). The journey took about eight months. All told, the East Indiamen made this journey nearly five thousand times.
Or wonder around the Golden Age exhibition, you will get to know this extraordinary time up close and personal. Meet characters who lived in the Golden Age. A century in which, thanks to seafaring, trade flourished.

The National Maritime Museum is located on the ‘Oosterdok’, a place in the heart of Amsterdam where for centuries technology has gone hand in hand with an urge for adventure. For more information about this neighborhood, click here.

Transport will be arranged to get you from the conference center to the National Maritime Museum and back.