CGE Network Event 2018

“Making risk understandable”

Joint Industries Program Members Dinner

For those who have contributed to the ‘BowTie Examples Library’ or who CGE has worked closely with on other past initiatives, we will host a dinner on the evening of Thursday September 27, 2018. Please see below overview to find out more about these various Joint Industries Program initiatives.

The dinner will be at Café/Restaurant Dauphine, opposite the venue of the Network Event.

It is not possible to register anymore.

Background information on the Joint Industries Program

As CGE, we initiate a project each year. A project aimed at sharing information that is valuable for organizations that are active in ‘critical infrastructure industries’. We like to look at these projects as a joint effort and close collaboration between regulators, industry clients, our consultancy partners, subject matter experts and ourselves.

Please find an overview of all projects that are part of the Joint Industries Program below.

In 2014 we started with the development of our enterprise platform BowTieServer. We invited our industry leading clients to give us input on the development and to test the first release of this product.

One of these clients was E.On. Click here to find out what their contribution and their takeaway was in the development of BowTieServer.

To help our partners and clients (from advanced users to bowtie ‘newbees’) see what barrier based risk management looks like, we took the initiative of creating a database with case studies, called the ‘Bowtie Examples Library’. The database is a hosted solution in the cloud containing about 400 examples of risk assessments for 12 different industries.

Click here to find out more.

Because of its popularity and in order to make a valuable contribution to safety and operational excellence, we decided to extend this project until further notice. The library is free of charge and open for all to join.

For 2016 we extended the scope from collecting and sharing examples to encouraging our partners to provide quality content. The objective of this initiative was to find out how a library of ‘best practice content’ could be created, related to:

  • Control Frameworks
  • Risk Assessments
  • Performance Based Audits
  • Common Incident Scenarios

Click here to find out more.

This resulted in various promising outcomes: “BowTie Complete”, “Common Aviation Risk Models” and our “Software as a Service” offering.

Click here to find out more.

In 2017 we shifted our focus to promote a structured approach to improving the safety culture. After all, a mature safety culture is crucial to risk management.

This initiative focuses on the link between culture & leadership and risk management. There is ongoing scientific research on the effect of culture & leadership on risk management. Implementing cultural components in a systematic approach is not without healthy criticism. Undoubtedly Safety Culture & Leadership must have some kind of effect on Risk Management. Understanding this effect is the key to unlock the right steps to get there.

Click here to find out more.

We support various initiatives from our partners AdviSafe and SAFEmap, and the Energy Institute.

In 2018 we will put the spotlight on the joint initiative of the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) and the Energy Institute (EI) in writing a concept book with guidelines for “Bow Tie Risk Management”. CGE was invited to contribute to this book as co-writer.

CGE organizes a series of events in London, Leidschendam, Houston, Amsterdam, Orlando, Frankfurt and Abu Dhabi to talk about these guidelines.

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