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== Introduction ==
The Bowtie method is a risk evaluation method that can be used to analyse and demonstrate causal relationships in high risk scenarios. The method takes its name from the shape of the diagram that you create, which looks like a men’s bowtie. A Bowtie diagram does two things. First of all, a Bowtie gives a visual summary of all plausible accident scenarios that could exist around a certain Hazard. Second, by identifying control measures the Bowtie displays what a company does to control those scenarios.
By combining the strengths of several safety techniques and the contribution of human and organisational factors, Bowtie diagrams facilitate workforce understanding of Hazard management and their own role in it. It is a method that can be understood by all layers of the organisation due to its highly visual and intuitive nature, while it also provides new insights to the HSE professional.
See also [[The bowtie method]] and [[La historia de bowtie]]
== History ==

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