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[[File:Barrier types.png|frame|right|Barriers with additional meta data]]
=== Control and Recovery Barriers ===
Barriers in the bowtie appear on both sides of the top event. Barriers interrupt the scenario so that the threats do not result in a loss of control (the top event) or do not escalate into an actual impact (the consequences).
There are different types of Barriersbarriers, which are mainly a combination of human behavior and/or hardware/technology. Once the Barriers barriers are identified, you have a basic understanding about of how risks are managed. You can build on this basic barrier structure further to deepen you your understanding of where the weaknesses are. Barriers can be extended besides Barrier beside barrier types to include for instance Barrier barrier effectiveness. This lets you assess how well a Barrier barrier performs. After that , you can look at the activities you have to implement and maintain you Barriersyour barriers. This essentially means mapping you Safety Management System (SMS) on the Barriersbarriers. Also determining who is responsible for a Barrier barrier and assessing the criticality of a Barrier barrier are things you can do to increase your understanding of the Barriersbarriers.
== Escalation factors & Escalation factor barriers ==

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