“Having the bowties, we can now actually say which controls are critical and focus on those”

CAA took their risk assessment to the next level with BowTieXP

Global COVID-19 response initiative for the Aviation industry

Together with several aviation experts, CGE is freely offering access to anybody interested in the aviation sector to an online Bowtie risk analysis and management platform. Click here for more information or request access via the button below.

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Some of our aviation clients

Projects that benefit the industry

Some of our clients and partners took our BowTieXP software to the next level and initiated projects to benefit the entire industry.

Significant Seven

The Civil Aviation Authority


The CAA, UK’s specialist aviation regulator is developing BowTie models covering each of the CAA’s ‘Significant Seven’ safety issues.

Working closely together with the industry, the shared goal is a balanced risk overview for the whole aviation system. Find out more on their website.


The Aloft Group


Common Aviation Risk Models (CARM) involves the joint development and sharing of bowtie risk models by industry experts. Models cover the key hazards associated with all aspects of aviation operations. CARM becomes the place where risk understanding can be captured and incorporated continuously.

This project is using CGE’s BowTieServer solution.

SMS Training


Safety Management Training Program

BowTieXP has been included in the ICAO Safety Management Training Program. This course provides state regulatory and administrative personnel with the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude to implement, administer or participate in SMS operations. Learn more on their website.

BowTie Complete

Across Safety Development

BowTie Complete

BowTie Complete is specifically used by small to medium sized operations that want to benefit from using bowtie but don’t have the time, resources or budget to develop everything from scratch.

It’s a standalone or cloud based solution that provides a set of pre-populated bowties tailored to specific sectors of the aviation industry including fixed-wing operations and airports.

“BowTieXP is unique in its ability to visualize complex risks in a way that is understandable, yet also allows for detailed risk based improvement plans.”

CHC Helicopter, Canada
“I found the bowtie software very helpful and intuitive to use. Having a visual picture makes it so much easier to convey a safety issue and the risk that it poses.”
Civil Aviation Authority, United Kingdom

Events in the aviation industry

Looking for an event or training designed for the aviation industry? Check out one of our events below or the complete Event Calender.

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