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Official Tripod Beta training incl. accreditation for ‘Bronze Practitioner’

About the training

This highly interactive 3-day course focuses on the knowledge, mindset, tools and skills required to participate in all phases of a Tripod Beta incident investigation process.

Besides the Tripod Beta methodology, this course also focuses on the following topics:

  • Insight into the overall incident investigation process
  • Barrier-based thinking & philosophy behind Human Behaviour
  • Design and organize an incident investigation
  • Collect data/evidence
  • Interview skills & techniques; how to deal with difficult interviews
  • Draft a timeline
  • Draw conclusions
  • Draft recommendations
  • Communicate and report both the investigation progress and findings
  • Incl. the official accreditation for Tripod Beta Bronze Practitioner

Our courses are highly educational and fun to do! You will be learning by doing instead of listening.

More information and registration

To learn more about the training, the trainer, accreditation, costs, location, or if you would like to register, please download the brochure or visit the event page.