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Sometime in the future, when we look back on 2020, we might very well say that this is perhaps the most challenging time in our industry. We are faced with sustained low price of oil, ageing assets, low profit margins for contractors and appropriately higher expectations from our stakeholders for environment.

We have met difficult challenges before, and we have remained safe. Sustaining our commitment to safety and operational excellence is fundamental to the future of the oil & gas industry. A major incident though could potentially threaten our social license to operate due to the potential loss of life and possible environmental impact.

At this year’s conference, we will focus on major accident prevention and management. Our excellent line-up of international speakers and panellists will guide us through an engaging day of:

  • Recognising past successes in our industry
  • Sharpening our focus on major incident prevention
  • Exploring the critical role of Human Performance
  • Learning from the leaders and high performers of other industries
  • Having the right conversations to ensure we continue to learn and innovate

If collectively we are the ones safeguarding our industry, then let us come together at TFZ 2020 for these essential and urgent conversations.


Time Programme
08:00 Registration & Breakfast
09:00 Safety briefing
09:03 Welcome ceremony
09:15 Safety Award Ceremony
09:35 Opening act
09:55 Safety and Ethics lessons learned from the space shuttle challenger accident
10:55 Refreshment break
11:25 Setbacks and new challenges for Formula One
12:00 Talk and engagement session
12:30 Lunch and exhibition
13:30 Managing the risk of offshore oil and gas accidents
14:30 Recruiting & maintaining a competent workforce
15:00 Refreshment break
15:30 Changing decision making in establishment of a safety culture
15:50 The secret of safety: strengthening the resilience potentials
16:45 Talk and engagement session
17:15 A safety talk: Full circle elaboration on all situations
17:45 Closing ceremony
17:50 TFZ conference reception
18:30 Safety Award Dinner (seperate registration is required)
19:30 Safety Award Dinner speech: Cave men in suits


Learn more about this event at the Task Force Zero 2020 event page.

Meet us at

CGE will be present at this event with a booth. Come say hi or schedule a meeting with Niels van den Bosch (n.van.den.bosch@cgerisk.com or +31 (0) 6 3029 4854). We look forward to meeting you there.