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CGE Risk Management Solutions invites you to attend the 23rd edition of the Risk Management Master Class at the CGE Innovation Center in Leidschendam from April 30th to May 4th 2018. The primary purpose of this event is to prepare you, HSE and Risk professionals, to undertake qualitative risk assessments using the leading bowtie analysis software and best practices. The event has a special emphasis on using these risk assessments within HSE cases such as those advocated by the IADC and Shell HSE case guidelines, but the content of the course is relevant to all industries and types of risks.

The master class consists of two parts:

2 Day – Safety culture & human factors course

The first 2 days of the master class will be conducted by Prof. dr. Jop Groeneweg of Leiden University. Prof. dr. Groeneweg is one of the top ten leaders in the field of risk management and safety. His main focus is research into controlling the human factor in accidents. During this course, you will gain insight into the field of research of Prof. dr. Groeneweg and you will get to apply your newly gained knowledge during the interactive workshops that are part of the program.

3 Day – BowTieXP master class

During this second part of the masterclass, you’ll gain insight into the bowtie methodology which is in line with the soon to be released concept book ‘Bow Ties in Risk Management’ by EI/CCPS. Next, you will learn how to apply this method within the BowTieXP software tool. As there will be plenty of time to practice,  you will be able to build your own advanced BowTie diagram after attending the course. Aside from BowTieXP, we’d also like to give you a brief introduction into AuditXP (auditing your barriers along the BowTie diagram) and IncidentXP (linking your incidents back to the BowTie).


The full program starts Monday at 9:00h and will end Friday around 16:30h. Please find a brief overview of subjects discussed during the week below. More detailed information can be found in the brochure.

Day 1 – Safety culture & human factors course
  • Organisations & accidents
  • Misconceptions about safety
  • Recent findings in human factors research
  • The citichem workshop
Day 2 – Safety culture & human factors course
  • Numbers & scenarios
  • Risk perception and the role of quantitative information
  • Safety culture
  • Socal psychological factors: the ‘12 angry men’ workshop
Day 3 – BowTieXP master class
  • Bowtie method
  • BowTieXP software
  • Interactive exercise: building a bowtie
Day 4 – BowTieXP master class
  • LOPA
  • Advanced methodology & software
Day 5 – BowTieXP master class
  • Bowtie facilitation workshop
  • IncidentXP & AuditXP
  • Introduction to BowTieServer


All seats for the 2-day Safety culture and human factors course are booked, only limited number of seats left for the 3-day BowTieXP master class. Sign up via the registration form today!

The dates for the next Risk Management Master Class will be announced soon (2019), should you be interested to reserve a seat in advance, please contact events@cgerisk.com.

Should you have any questions related to the master class or about your registration, please feel free to contact us via events@cgerisk.com or give us a call at +31 (0) 88 1001 350.

Obtain your required SKO points as a safety expert by attending this course. Dutch attendees will receive 5,5 SKO points for 5-day participation.