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Site Safety Inc. invites you to attend our upcoming Risk Analysis Course. This course will prepare safety and risk professionals to conduct qualitative risk assessments using world-class methodologies and practices.

Day 1: Method and software training

Using your own examples of risk exposure, you will learn to apply the methods in your work environment. During the course you will get hands-on training with the software tool, applying the latest user-friendly and innovative features of BowTieXP.

Program: Risk analysis using the bowtie method

  • Introduction to Risk Management
  • The BowTie Method – History, Theory, BowTie Analysis, Advantages of BowTie, BowTie Themes
  • BowTieXP Software – BowTie Analysis in 8 steps: Hazard, Top Event, Threat, Consequence, Barrier, Escalation Factor, and Escalation Factor Barrier
  • Workshop – Development of basic BowTies, step-by-step diagram building, individual and group exercises

Day 2: Advanced methodology

Day 2 of the Risk Analysis Course will build upon the standard skills of creating basic BowTieXP diagrams. Participants will learn how to customize the software elements so that the information is specific to their company. The ultimate goal for risk practitioners is to verify and validate the barriers. This will be accomplished with AuditXP. The resulting barrier performance will be shown on the BowTie diagram.

Program: BowTieXP & AuditXP

  • Advanced methodology – Linking to the Safety Management System, using and customizing risk matrices, running reports, creating a company BowTie library and templates
  • Workshop – step-by-step diagram building
  • AuditXP – Verifying & validating barriers; introduction to this software add on
  • Extras – Introduction to IncidentXP & BowTieServer

More information or registration

To learn more about this training or to register, please download the brochure or contact Dave Howe at 1(403)512-8832.