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As BowTieXP users become more proficient in model development, they want to exploit enhanced functionality to provide more accurate risk assessments to inform their decision making.

Owners or operators of critical assets & activities all face the same challenges; “Where do I spend my limited funds or deploy my limited resources?” and “How do I know this investment is actually working (delivering a return)?”.

By qualifying the presence of your barriers and quantifying their performance, better informed decisions can be made based on a clear and consistent view of measurable data and verifiable evidence rather than predicted or estimated values.

This live & interactive online course will highlight enhanced bowtie functionality beyond the standard features to show how barrier performance can be evaluated and validated based on planned & unplanned demand evidence & data to ensure that the required risk reduction continues to be achieved.

Who should attend?

Those already familiar with the concepts of bowties but want to learn how to qualify and quantify their scenarios. Attendees should already have a good working knowledge of LOPA principles & be proficient in BowTieXP functionality. Attendees will be given a trial license of BowTieXP Advanced with LOPA and BowTieXL.


  • Introduction
  • BowTie LOPA Functionality
  • LOPA exercise
  • BowTieXL with examples
  • Importing existing LOPA (Scrapbook)
  • Validating LOPA (Audit & Incident)
  • Discussion & close

More information and Registration

This training takes place on July 9th from 08:30 – 12:30 CDT (UTC + 2). The duration of this online training is 1/2 day (4 hours including breaks). For more information and registration visit the website or download the brochure.