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Our partner Process Safety Integrity invites you to attend a demonstration of their Process Safety Cards concept which uses familiar playing cards to improve operational awareness of Loss of Containment (LoC) events and associated bowtie scenarios to enhance understanding of potential Threats and prevention barriers.

This free 1-hour demonstration will be hosted on Microsoft Teams and is available at both AM (08:00 UTC) & PM (16:00 UTC) sessions when we’ll cover the following topics:

  • Playing Cards
  • Scenario Summaries (Bowties)
  • Online Rooms (Card Tables)
  • Options

There will be an interactive session where attendees can participate in a card game.

Dates and Location

January 28th 2021. Location: Team virtual event

More Information & Registration

Please follow this link for details of this demonstration and the registration form. For more information, please use the contact page.