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Online Tripod Beta training course including accreditation for ‘Tripod Beta Bronze Practitioner’

Geniozz is your official and accredited Tripod Beta service & knowledge provider.

This online course is practical and highly interactive. The program is mainly focused on the knowledge, tools. mindset and skills that are required to participate in a Tripod Beta analysis team.


  • Barrier thinking;
  • The principles of incident causation (business disturbances);
  • The influence of human behaviour on incidents, and the philosophy behind it;
  • Creating a timeline (e.g. STEP);
  • Building a full Tripod Beta analysis;
  • Improving the quality of your analysis;
  • Draw conclusions, compose practical recommendations;
  • Communicate both the progress and the outcome of the investigation;
  • Build analysis diagrams using the supporting software IncidentXP.

Educational and fun to do!

Your trainer is an experienced Lead Investigator, an accredited Tripod Beta trainer and has the right didactic skills to transfer the subject matter properly. We work in small groups which allows a high level of interaction and plenty of personal attention. Exercises and case studies are done both plenary and in smaller virtual breakout rooms. You have the opportunity to work with your own cases. So, highly educational and fun to do!

This course includes

  • The online course is spread over 8 online sessions of 2 hours each in 4 consecutive days (= total 16h) ;
  • Official course materials, including the Tripod Beta User Guidance and the practical Geniozz Tripod Beta Roadmap;
  • The official accreditation for ‘Bronze Practitioner’;
  • A free 30-day trial license for the IncidentXP software. 10% discount on the purchase of your license.

Get your brochure for this course: info@geniozz.com

More information and registration

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