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Background information

CGE Risk Management Solutions has been one of the authors of the upcoming book of the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) on ‘BowTie Risk Management’. We expect that in the beginning of next year (Q1 2018) this book will be published. Until then the work on this book is called: “Project 237: Guidelines for Barrier Risk Management (Bow Tie Analysis)”. For more information about the book, please visit the aiche website. 

The book will review the foundation of the method, provide instructions on how to draw the bowtie correctly and how to avoid common errors. Typical constructs for typical process threats – corrosion, impact, improper operation/human-error, operational upsets, etc. would be demonstrated. The risk management information associated with every barrier would be explained, e.g. barrier owner, performance expectation, pending actions, related documents. The guideline would address how to convene a team to develop the bow tie diagram and how the review process should be done. Its use in ongoing facility operational management would be discussed as well as how it links to ongoing incident investigations. Application useful for Chemical, Pharma, Refiners, Government Agencies, Oil & Gas particularly off-shore technology and many others.

Seminar on 11 October 2017

Together with representatives of other authors of the book, DNV GL and Rob Miles from the Energy Institute, we will share with you what these new guidelines will be and how you can apply these guidelines.

Martin Johnson from BP was involved in this project as one of the participating clients. He will share with you why this project was initiated and what the objectives are.


14:00 Coffee and tea
14:50 Welcome and opening
15:00 Background information CCPS Project 237: Guidelines for Barrier Risk Management (Bow Tie Analysis) Martin Johnson, Principal Process Safety Engineer, BP Upstream Engineering Centre
15.30 Introduction to upcoming BowTie Barrier Management Guidelines Mark Boult, Director DNV GL & Paul McCulloch, Principal Process Safety Consultant CGE
16:00 Case Study on Human Factors and the upcoming Guidelines for Barrier Risk Management Rob Miles, Human Factors specialist, Energy Institute
16.30 Using BowTieXP to follow BowTie Barrier Management Guidelines and BowTie Software Paul McCulloch, Principal Process Safety Consultant CGE
17:00 Q & A
17:30 Drinks and snacks

For more information, download the event brochure.


The seminar will be hosted by DNV GL at their new offices in London. The address is: VIVO Building, 30 Stamford Street, London, SE1 9LQ


Curious but not in London during the time of the event? You can also follow the event online, or get a copy of the record after the event. You are also free to come to one of our other events that will cover the CCPS guidelines:

We will use these occasions to talk about how the CCPS guidelines can be applied and how our software can be used as a supporting tool.

CCPS BowTieXP template

If you already have a BowTieXP license, you will be able to download your CCPS BowTieXP template here. In case you don’t have a BowTieXP license yet, you can request a trial on the BowTieXP product page.


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