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About the conference

Through a variety of panels, keynote speakers, case studies and an afternoon of speed-networking sessions, important topics will be addressed such as:

  • Airline Vulnerabilities to Cyber Incidents
  • Challenging the traditional airline model
  • Game Changers in Transportation and Travel
  • Pilot/Cockpit Cooperation
  • The Impact of Climate Change/ Turbulence
  • Smart Traffic Management

Who you will meet

  • Aviation and aerospace industry leaders and decision-makers
  • Aviation suppliers
  • Airlines
  • ATS providers
  • Regulators
  • Aircraft manufacturers

Why you should attend

  • Boost your personal vision with in-depth knowledge and insight: The experts and innovators invited to present at SFO 2019 are among the world’s leading lights in their field. You’ll have access to the most up-to-date facts in the industry.
  • Forge links and create synergies with industry colleagues: With events designed to facilitate exchanging and networking, the opportunities to make new contacts and reestablish connections with existing experts will be many.
  • Learn how to make disruptions work: SFO 2019 is being built around the theme of “disruption/disruptors” and how they are driving Industry changes, and consequently the need for airlines, CAA’s and all other aviation stakeholders, including international organizations like IATA, to acknowledge these changes and figure out quickly how to adapt.

Meet us

CGE will also be present at this conference with a booth (number 16). Come and find us or schedule a meeting with Geert van Loopik (geert.van.loopik@cgerisk.com  or +31 (0) 6 1418 5081) who will be present on behalf of CGE. We hope to meet you there.

More information and registration

For more information about this event or to reserve a seat, please visit the IATA website.