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Apollo 13: Sometimes the superstition seems to become truth around Friday the thirteenth. On Friday, April 13, 1970, the Apollo 13, launched two days earlier at 1:13 PM, almost crashed. The mission had started on platform 39 and it was the thirteenth mission from that platform. And 3 × 13 is 39.

Where does that superstition come from? It’s culture! Culture determines behavior toward safety. Are you aware of the ‘superstition’ in your organization?

CGE Risk Management Solutions and Ralf van Haastregt & Sjaak Pappe, associate partners of Hofstede Insights, are pleased to invite you to attend a webinar that will provide you with a deeper understanding of why safety and culture are linked.

With this webinar we demonstrate:

  • Safety is all about cultures and not about processes and systems;
  • Examples of why safety is about culture;
  • Examples of a roadmap towards a safety culture;
  • Examples of levers of change for organizations.

Do you dare to join?

This webinar will make you aware of the link between Culture & Safety and its impact. Register today by filling out the form below, and gain from the expertise of our culture and safety experts.

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For any questions, feel free to reach out to:

Ralf van Haastregt
+316 2155 2793