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Sharing the objectives of the fair, TECSA S.r.l. is a sponsor of the next SafetyEXPO 2019 which will be held on 18 and 19 September 2019 at the Fiera di Bergamo. TECSA S.r.l. will be present with its own stand in Hall B, stand 41.

Bowtie course: Analisi del rischio di incendio con il metodo Bow-Tie

At SafetyEXPO 2019, TECSA S.r.l. will conduct the following course: ‘Fire risk analysis with the Bow-Tie method’. This course will be in Italian.

The course describes the principles underlying the fire risk analysis process, highlighting the techniques to ensure compliance not only with the Italian reference standards (Ministerial Decree 10 March 1998, which will be given an ‘annotated’ and ‘updated’ reading, DM 7 August 2012, Ministerial Decree 3 August 2015) but also with the main international reference standards for risk assessment (ISO 31000 and 31010), the management of this over time (UNI EN ISO 45001).

To this end, it will be shown how the representation of fire risk, both graphically and through specifically coded notations, allows to highlight the elements whose evaluation leads to a complete analysis, manageable and updatable over time.

Among these elements, the “barriers” of fire protection appear to play a fundamental role: both technical, organizational and managerial, both intended as preventive measures and intended as mitigating measures of consequences.

Within the course, two methods will be proposed to describe a fire prevention strategy based on “barriers”: the Bow-Tie method and the LOPA method (Layer of Protection Analysis). Examination of the fire barriers will be studied through real-life incidents by adopting a specific method called BFA (Barrier Failure Analysis). The course will be completed by an examination of the main modifications to the fire prevention code and the workflow to be adopted for the identification, supported by the risk analysis, of the best fire prevention strategy.


In order to find more information about this course, or to register, please go to the program of SafetyEXPO 2019 and sign up for ‘Analisi del rischio di incendio con il metodo Bow-Tie.