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Exodus is an eight-hour immersive experience where you will have the opportunity to delve into the concepts and practices that underlie the Bowtie methodology.

In addition, you will simulate applying the BowTie tool in practice by testing your skills in a game environment.

The Exodus Experience will equip you to apply the BowTie Risk Management tool, a highly recognized and used by large companies in the market. Exodus empowers you to interpret, build and manage risk events visually based on the BowTie tool.

The thread of this experience is an inspiring storytelling that invites players to win an epic challenge. Through a unique and engaging gamified experience, you can better absorb content, learn by doing, and have a rich and fun learning moment.

The Exodus experience will address topics such as:

  • Principles of Risk Management
  • The RM Process and its macro steps (Identification, Analysis, Evaluation, and Treatment)
  • Barrier-based Risk Approach
  • Concepts and principles of the BowTie Method
  • Elements of the BowTie diagram (Top Event, Threats, Consequences, Barriers, and Aggravation Factor)
  • Building a BowTie in 8 steps

Information and registration

For more information, please have a look at the brochure.

Please notice that the event will be conducted in Brazilian/Portuguese. To register, please visit this page.