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Introduction: This course provides training on the BowTie methodology of risk analysis that pictorially depicts causal relationship in high risk scenarios. It provides a visual representation of all likely incident scenarios around a hazard and identifies the controls that a company could use to control those scenarios. The participants will learn the fundamentals of the methodology with hands-on exercises.

Workshop: In this course, the participant will work with hands-on examples and apply BowTie concepts presented in the Introduction to BowTie Analysis course. This course will use CGE’s BowTieXP software for implementing BowTie Analysis. Participants are encouraged to send their own examples ahead of time if possible so that a BowTie Analysis can be developed for an example that they are familiar with. Participants without any prior experience with the BowTie methodology should first attend the Introduction to BowTie Analysis e-Training course which also provides the trial license for the CGE’s BowTieXP software.

Note: PSRG will provide 30-day trial license of BowtieXP Advance for attendees practices.

Course benefits

  • Learn the BowTie methodology of risk analysis that pictorially depicts causal relationship in high risk scenarios
  • Learn to use this technique as an alternative to other practiced compliance methods
  • Easy representation of hazards, top events and barriers to present to management
  • Learn how to implement BowTie with different examples
  • Learn how to use BowTieXP when implementing BowTie Analysis for Process Hazard Analysis
    Introduce use of BowTieXP for incident and other risk assessments

Who should attend?

  • PSM Managers and Coordinators
  • Professionals interested in learning about risk analysis
  • Experienced PHA Leaders/Scribes
  • Operations, Safety and Project Managers; Process and Safety Engineers

Course content and agenda

  • Introduction
  • Risk Management
  • BowTie History
  • Overview BowTie
  • BowTie Methodology (with exercises)
    • Hazards
    • Top Events
    • Threats
    • Consequences
    • Barriers
    • Escalations Factors
    • Escalation Factors Barriers
  • Barrier Attributes
    • Accountable
    • Barrier Function and Type
    • Effectiveness
  • ALARP Demonstration using Bowtie analysis and LOPA
  • Introduction to Bow-Tie Software

More information & registration

This online training will be held from 9am-4pm (UTC) for the respective time-zone:

  • GMT +08.00, ASEAN Central Time for APAC, China, and India.

For more information about this training, please visit the PSRG website, or contact training@psrg.com. To register please fill out this form and send it to training@psrg.com.