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Purpose of the annual meeting

The Annual Meeting is designed to share current efforts of the Common Aviation Risk Models Group among the existing members and new participants to the CARM activities. Guests are welcome to attend and participate to gain an understanding of the progress being made collaboratively in the area of BowTies and aviation risk management. There is no fee to attend.

What is CARM?

CARM involves the joint development and sharing of BowTie risk models by industry experts. Models will cover the key hazards associated with all aspects of aviation operations. On a global basis, CARM becomes the place where risk understanding can be captured and incorporated continuously. It moves the process away from the existing one-shot accident/investigation/actions process to a global learning “engine.”



08:30 Welcome and introduction – Jason Ragogna, Delta Air Lines & Tom Lintner, The Aloft Group
08:50 Background CARM mission – early successes in sharing knowledge – Bob Dodd, The Aloft Group
09:10 CARM – Future of safety knowledge sharing –  A joint Air Transat & NAVCanada project – Ann Lindeis, NAVCanada and Jacques Migneault, Air Transat
09:40 Barrier management in Asia – Leveraging CARM within Japan Airlines – Toshiya Manabe, Japan Airlines
10:00 Coffee break
10:30  “The Next Step in Barrier Management – Making Sure They Work.” – Tara Kinnick, Delta Air Lines, Jeffrey Bingham American Airlines 
10:50 “The Ottawa Group” efforts – “Incorporating Human Factors into Barrier Management” – Bob, Ann & Jacques
11:10 Other Industries Common Approach to Barriers – Jeroen van Dommelen, CGE
11:30 Lunch – Terry Eisenbart, The Aloft Group, with a summary overview and afternoon plans.
12:40 “Barrier based Management – Our assets are safe and we know it!” – Jurgen Joosten, Seafox (Oil and Gas industry)
13:00 “Understanding Data – Serve it Simple.” – Idelma Rust, CGE
13:15 Barrier health from two different industry perspectives (railroad and major airline). Bob & Jeffrey
13:35 Panel discussion: Delta, American, Air Transat, Japan Airlines, NavCanada. “Advanced Thinking on Leveraging Risk Models to Connect Entities and Mitigate Risk.” – Jason as moderator
14:20 Coffee break
14:50 Enhanced Direction for CARM – HRCI, barrier techniques and specific sharing – Tom Lintner, The Aloft Group
15:10 Open session for summary, Q & A, and next steps. Final comments and close out. – Tom & Jason
16:00 End of program


CGE Risk Management Solutions – Headquarters
Innovation Center
Vlietweg 17 (7th floor)
2266 KA, Leidschendam (30 minutes outside Amsterdam)

Agenda will be released in the coming months.

Further information and registration

If you are interested in learning more about the CARM initiative please visit the Aloft website. Spaces for this meeting are limited. In order to register, please RSVP via email to:


USA + 1 505 306 5326