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A solidly implemented HSE Management System (HSE-MS) is an essential basis for good HSE performance. Outstanding performance and continuous improvement will only be achieved when there is a culture in which the elements of the management system can flourish. To make the system life, Clear Personal Responsibilities are crucial: Everybody understands and accepts what should be done and knows what is expected of them. That is the reason why the risk identification, assessment and control module is the heart of the management system. Linking the identified barriers and controls to people via the critical activities to close the continuous improvement loop is the missing link many organizations struggle with. The Bowtie Methodology is a very strong tool to help us to reach this goal.

This 2-day Bowtie and Risk Management workshop aims at the integration of two crucial elements of the Risk-MS at the level of line and assets managers.

  • Risk Management Framework (focused on the relations to manage the risks)
  • Risk Management using the Bowtie methodology for significant risk and HSE Cases (How to create operationally relevant HSE Cases using the Bowtie Methodology)

Understanding of these elements provides the participants with a thorough understanding of the Risk Management Framework and (HSE) Risk Management via the Bowtie technique as well as their own role in improving the performance of their unit. At the end of the workshop, participants will have a thorough understanding of the two building blocks of the Risk-MS and how to make the risk management life through a series of exercises.

Key benefits

At the end of the workshop, participants will have a thorough understanding of what is risk and risk perception.

  • A thorough understanding of the two building blocks of the Risk-MS through a series of exercises
  • An understanding of how to demonstrate Due Diligence (ALARP)
  • An understanding of the relation between the HSE-MS and the HSE Case and how to use the Bowtie in this context

Who should attend?

  • HSE and Risk professionals
  • Key personnel involved in developing, implementing maintaining, using HSE Management system
  • Anyone planning on using Hearts and Minds on cultural development tools
  • Key personnel involved in the coordination and delivery of safety culture improvement programs
  • Key personnel involved in incident investigation
  • Key personnel involved in business processes upsets
  • Senior Management
  • Line, Asset, Project Managers, Exploration, Drilling and Operations
  • Line managers who need more insight in business process improvements


Day 1

  • Business Case
  • Risk Management Principles
  • What is risk? Risk management? Risk perception
  • Risk Management Framework
  • Risk Identification and Management Process, Identification, Assessment, Control and Recovery
  • Role of Bowtie Methodology in Risk Management
  • Bowtie Theory
  • Bowtie Exercises and Case Study (Practical)

Day 2

  • Bowtie Exercises and Case Study (Practical) continued
  • Implementation of Bowtie into day-to-day management
  • ALARP in HSE Risk Management. How good is good enough?
  • Bowtie (XP) and HSE Case
  • Demonstration of Risk Management to stakeholders

More information and registration

In order to get more information or to register, pleaseĀ download the brochure.