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Owners or operators of critical assets & activities all face the same challenges; “Where do I spend my limited funds or deploy my limited resources?” and “How do know this investment is actually working (delivering a return)?”. By qualifying the presence of your barriers and quantifying their performance, better-informed decisions can be made based on a clear and consistent view of measurable data and verifiable evidence rather than predicted or estimated values.

Attend the upcoming 1-day training course to visualize HAZOP’s with help of bowties. Learn how to enhance existing or create new, powerful bowtie analyses with the help of BowTieXP, BowTieXL, and the LOPA plug-in. Demonstrations, presentations and interactive exercises will be alternated for you to discover the benefits.

During the training, you will be working with bowtie guidelines in line with the recent publication of the CCPS (Center for Chemical Process Safety)/EI (Energy Institute) book ‘Bow Ties in Risk Management: A Concept Book for Process Safety’.


  •  Welcome & introduction to the course & CGE portfolio
  • Bowtie methodology
  • BowTieXL: Customizable quantification of bowties with examples of qualitative risk assessment, cost-benefit
  • Practical exercise
  • BowTieXP LOPA Plugin: Bringing together Layer of Protection Analysis and bowties to quantify risks associated with specific scenarios.
  • Using audit & incident data to validate threat frequencies and barrier performance.

This course will highlight enhanced bowtie functionality beyond the conventional static illustration of predicted outcomes to show how barrier performance can be evaluated and validated based on planned & unplanned demand evidence & data to ensure that the required risk reduction continues to be achieved.


The participation fee for this event is Euro 450. This includes training materials, a 30-day trial and lunch/beverages. Secure your seat for this course by filling out the registration form below.