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With the CCPS and Energy Institute concept book being released, and as a co-author, we very much like to show you how to actually follow the book guidelines in our software tool BowTieXP. Join our webinar on Thursday the 25th of October, to learn more about the CCPS book ‘Bow Ties in Risk Management: A Concept Book for Process Safety’ and how it can be applied in practice with BowTieXP. We will close off with a live Q&A session, so you can ask us any questions you might have about the topic. Interested to start working on your ‘CCPS guided bowties’ right away? After the webinar, we would be happy to provide you with an extended BowTieXP Advanced trial license and a CCPS template to directly follow the book guidelines.

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Webinar Agenda

  1. Introduction webinar
  2. Introduction CCPS/EI book
  3. Bowtie methodology in 8 steps (in BowTieXP) – use CCPS terminology
  4. CCPS specific subjects:
    1. Human factors in bowties
    2. Multi-level bowties
    3. Different bowtie users
  5. Advanced barrier management subjects
  6. Live Q&A session with bowtie expert
  7. Obtain extended BowTieXP Advanced trial and CCPS/EI bowtie template

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This webinar is also available in Spanish and will take place on the 30th of October. If you would like to register for that webinar, please register here.