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BowTie Methodology for Aviation – Creating a Guidebook on Common Practices for BowTie Models in Aviation

Hosted by Delta Air Lines

A 2-day session focused on the creation of a new instructional guidebook, “BowTie Methodology for Aviation – A Guide for Managing Risk Thru BowTie Models and Measuring Effectiveness of Safety Management Systems” – being written and developed by The CARM GROUP for the aviation industry.

The goal of the guidebook is to develop a standardized approach and common terminology for developing bowtie models and using bowtie methodology within the aviation industry. The Annual Meeting presents the opportunity for participants to help design the foundation for the guidebook and add their expertise to the effort.

Discussions will be on designing the content around an existing outline of major applications focused exclusively on the aviation industry. The discussion will be based on the draft guidebook chapters which will investigate:

  • Common/standard approach to BowTie models
  • Benefits of BowTies in risk management
  • Addressing Human Performance
  • Where/how does BowTie fit in SMS?
  • Advanced barrier management within an SMS
  • How to measure the effectiveness of an SMS
  • Risk management in aviation – ICAO SMS / BARS
  • BowTie method & purposes – method manual applicability to aviation

The event is envisioned as a dynamic, interactive opportunity to share knowledge – and concerns – across aviation. The goal is establishing a unified approach to utilizing BowTie models globally so non-proprietary information may be shared in a standardized format.


Check out the brochure to find out the agenda for this 2-day event.

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More information and registration

There is no charge to participate in this 2-day event. Spaces for this meeting are limited. In order to register, please RSVP via email to:

USA + 1 505 306 5326